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2023 Enrolment Fee Refunds

As you may recall, each family paid an Enrolment Fee of $100 per child when your child was enrolled at Gordon Street Pre-School.


Under the terms of the new Victorian Government's ‘Free Kinder’ program, no fees can be charged and we must offer to return any fees already paid.


As such, we are asking each family to choose if they would like to have the $100 Enrolment Fee refunded to them. Alternatively, you can choose to donate this fee back to our kinder.


Action Required

Each family is asked to indicate what they would like to happen to their Enrolment Fee for 2023. The two options available are

  1. choose to contribute the $100 Enrolment Fee back to Gordon Street Pre-School or

  2. choose to have the $100 Enrolment Fee refunded back to you.

Please indicate your desired outcome below before March 31st, 2023.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your continued support of our amazing Pre-School. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Committee President, Panayiota Ward

2023 Enrolment Fee Outcome

What would you like to happen to your 2023 $100 Enrolment Fee?

If you wish to have your Enrolment Fee refunded, please provide your details below:

Thank you

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