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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which  you can use to change the world" 
Nelson Mandela
Play-Based Learning Program​


Learning experiences at Gordon Street are planned to match each child's developing abilities and to challenge the child's interest and understanding. Children's play - child-initiated - child-directed - staff-supported play - is an essential component of our program.


A day at Pre-School does encompass a great deal of learning, often not apparent to parents. While children are busy at play they are talking, socialising, having fun, exploring the environment, confronting problems and finding solutions, thinking and playing creatively. Much of their play may not result in things to take home, but has helped the child to develop their thinking, their self-esteem, their attitude to learning, their initiative - all helping to build on their total personality.

Excursions And Incursion


Our program is enriched further by the organisation of incursions for both the 3-4 year old and 4-5 year old groups. Various experiences enrich the children's education, including music, farm incursions and excursions, regular sports program and environmental and cultural programs.

Developmentally Appropriate Program

  • Provides for all areas of a child's development: social, emotional, physical and cognitive

  • Is based on staff observations and records of each child's special interests and developmental progress

  • Emphasises learning as an interactive process. Staff prepare the environment, indoors and out, for children to learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials

  • Uses materials and experiences which are concrete, real and relevant to the children's lives

  • Meets the needs of children who exhibit skills and interests outside the normal developmental range

  • Presents challenges as staff provide a variety of activities and materials, and increase the difficulty and complexity as children's understanding and skills develop

  • Provides time for children to explore through active involvement and stimulation for thinking, through questions and suggestions by staff

  • Presents multicultural and non-sexist equipment and materials

  • Provides a balance of rest and active movement throughout the day. The pace of the day will vary, depending on the length of time children attend, but the timetable is flexible and the children are never rushed

  • Emphasises the value of outdoor play and uses playgrounds as an extension of the indoor play areas where children can practise large muscle skills, social and cognitive skills with freedom not always possible indoors

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