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How Can I Enrol My Child At Gordon Street Pre-School?

Thanks for your interest in attending Gordon Street Pre-School. You can view our 2023 timetable and our 2024 timetable.

2023 Enrolments

We not not currently have any vacancies for 2023.

2024 Enrolments

Enrolments for Gordon Street Pre-School for 2024 are accepted via the Bayside City Council’s Central Registration service. We are unable to enrol your child directly through the kindergarten.


Places are allocated according to a number of criteria, which have been determined by Bayside City Council.

Registrations open 1 May and close 30 June. You need to enrol your child in the year before your child is due to begin kinder.

Late registrations can be accepted through council, however priority is given to registrations made during the enrolment period. 

Parents of children who are currently attending Gordon Street Pre-School in our 3YO Rainbow Lorikeets program will receive a unique link via email in late April. Registrations for your child to attend our 4YO Crimson Rosella program in 2024 must be made using this link.

Timeline for Enrolments for 2024 kinder placement

1. Register for kindergarten (1 May – 30 June 2023) via Bayside City Council

2. Wait for registrations to be processed (July 2023)

Registrations received during the registration period are processed during July 2023.

3. Receive an offer and accept or decline the enrolment (July 2023)

Kindergarten enrolment initial offers are sent via email by Council on the 24th July 2023. These are emailed in alphabetical order by kindergarten name. Your email offer will contain a link to a form. The form will allow you to finalise your Gordon Street Pre-School offer by accepting or rejecting the place. If accepting the place you will need to:

  • Confirm immunisation details; and

  • Pay a $150 enrolment application fee after filling out the form.

4. Late Registrations: All late expressions of interest (after June 30) must be made via the Bayside City Council. 

Registrations received after June 30 and by July 28 will be processed with the second round of offers on Monday 7 August. 

Registrations received after July 28 and by August 11 will be processed with the third round of offers on Monday 21 August. 

All registrations received post August 11 will be considered in the processing of all future offers.

What Do I Need to Enrol My Child?

To complete the registration online, you only need your concession card if applicable or your direct debit/credit card details for payment. An administration payment of $38.20 is required for each registration.There is no fee for concession card holders (eligible concession types are listed on the online registration form).

When Should My Child Start Kinder?


To set children up for success, give them the best start by considering when your child is likely to gain the most benefit from starting school, as this will help you determine when your child's kindergarten experience should commence.

Children enrolling for a three-year-old program must turn three by the 30 April of the year they attend.

Similarly, children enrolling for a four-year-old program must turn four by the 30 April of the year they attend

Families with children born between January and April can choose which year to start at three-year old Kindergarten. These children can start in the same year they turn three, or in the year they turn four years of age.

Due to staff ratios in community kindergartens, children can only start attending after their third birthday. This means that some children may not start until part-way into Term 1.

Once a child starts 3-year-old kinder, their education journey has commenced with an expectation of moving into 4-year-old kinder the following year and then school the year after. A child cannot repeat a three-year-old kindergarten year.

Further Questions?

Please contact our Enrolments Officer via email:

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