Our dedicated team of early childhood educators can tell you a bit about themselves!

3 Year Old Educators

Lisa Ward


Having four children who were all a part of the Gordon Street Pre-School community, I am now a proud staff member. I have previously studied as an integration aide and I'm in the process of completing my Certificate III in Children's Services. My life revolves around my love and passion for children and I look forward to putting my nurturing skills into practice with your child.

Jenny Robison


I joined Gordon Street Preschool as the 3 year old educator in 2018. I began my teaching career 14 years ago and much of my career has been spent in community kindergartens teaching both 3 and 4 year olds. I believe community kindergartens are a very special place where children and their families are highly valued. I myself attended Gordon Street Pre-School many years ago!

As a kinder teacher I believe in providing a warm, engaging and most of all fun environment for the children. I see each child as an individual with different experiences, strengths and abilities. Building strong relationships with both children and their families is the key to a child’s wellbeing and learning while at kinder. I love for families to be part of the program, sharing their skills, time and knowledge of their children. The things I love most about being a 3 year old kinder teacher are singing and dancing, messy play and getting to be silly. It is wonderful to witness children grow in confidence and ability throughout the year as they take their first step on their education journey.

When I’m not teaching I am kept busy with 3 boys of my own, twins aged 8 and an 11 year old. 

4 Year Old Educators

Marni Wightman (Director)


Early childhood education has been a big part of my life for many years. I started out doing my final year teaching rounds here at Gordon Street and now I’m back as Four Year Old Teacher/Director. Gordon Street really is a special place where children can grow and learn in a warm and friendly environment. I believe in building children’s confidence, developing imagination, social skills and creativity, all in a place where children can feel safe and secure. 


At Gordon Street children can have fun and extend their own interests and ideas. Children have the opportunity for long periods of uninterrupted play with a touch of intentional teaching on the side. It’s an absolute pleasure to come to kinder each day and help children develop essential life skills all through the wonders of play. 

Martine Taylor 


Being passionate about children’s education; I have spent much of my life as a teacher. For ten years I worked in a primary school teaching Years 2 and 3 and then broadened my horizons to teach Creative Arts at Melbourne Girls Grammar. When my twin sons arrived very prematurely, I quickly learnt much more about children’s development! Later I was actively involved at their kindergarten and schools. For the last 6 years I have worked as a co-educator in an early learning centre. 


Reading, writing, acting and appreciating music are favourite activities of mine and I particularly enjoy exploring these interests with the children in my care. Children are born wired for learning. They learn most effectively when they feel safe, respected and supported and when they have the confidence to take “risks”. With a positive sense of self a child finds his or her voice. It is essential for children to feel that they belong, that they respect the world in which they live and that they believe they have an important role to play. I love working in partnership with the children, families, staff and the wider community at Gordon Street.

Dawn LaCava


I am a mother of two teenage children who also attended the kinder as “kinder Kids”. I had the pleasure of working with the children and their families at Gordon Street Pre-school since 2010 as the 3yr old and 4yr old Kindergarten Assistant. I also work part time as a Nanny for families in the bayside area. I’m blessed to be able to walk across the road, go to work and adore what I do! 


I love being involved with your little treasures in every aspect, as they are inquisitive, social, creative and playful, with the most rewarding aspect of their personalities being informative as I learn from them too. I believe that children come to pre-school as strong, capable and resourceful learners who are constantly curious about the world around them and as an educator I am committed in supporting every child’s planning and development. I feel privileged to be sharing in your child’s development and embarking on this journey together with the families of Gordon Street Pre-School.